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    Pre-referral refers to the process a school-based team goes through to determine what, if any, additional supports a student may need to make academic progress. If in-class intervention, designed by the teacher, does not produce progress for a student, the school-based team will schedule a meeting to review data and information. Each school has a dedicated team who meets on a regular basis to guide these decisions. This is the first step in considering whether a student qualifies for Special Education.

    District-wide, a framework of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is in varying stages of implementation across all schools in the district. MTSS is a framework for supporting all students in general education demonstrating need for additional supports to make academic progress as evidenced by data. This model of tiered support works to ensure schools meet varying student needs and streamline the process for a Special Education referral when needed.

    A parent/guardian may also request a referral for consideration of special education services at any time. The referral request should be in writing and directed to a member of the staff at the school your student attends.

    Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

    If a student has behaviors that interfere with their own learning or the learning of others, a functional behavior assessment (FBA) shall be conducted to identify the function of the behavior. The FBA is used to provide the IEP team with additional information and analysis for addressing undesirable behavior when it is interfering with a student’s education and to develop a behavior intervention plan (BIP).