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    Who implements special education services?

    A team led by the case manager and supported by other special education teachers, general education teachers and instructional assistants delivers specially designed instruction (SDI). Related service providers lead and provide the delivery of their related service specialty with assistance from instructional assistants or other staff. Adaptations to general education curriculum may be implemented by any delivery team member, but should always have significant input from the general education teacher.

    How is progress measured?

    All aspects of special education require ongoing data collection to assess their effectiveness. The goal is growth, if growth cannot be demonstrated, then a new instructional approach must be taken.

    How frequently are services adjusted?

    IEP implementation is a repetitive cycle intended to grow and adapt with each individual student. On a yearly basis, it includes creating the IEP, implementation, and measuring progress. Every three years an additional step, re-evaluation, is added. This is a minimum frequency. If necessary, IEP meetings, amendments or evaluation can occur more often.