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    Measuring student progress is a crucial step in the IEP process, allowing the IEP team to assess whether or not the student is progressing, and what adjustments may be necessary. This begins with the present levels of academic achievement and functional performance, or PLAAFPs. The purpose of PLAAFPs is to provide a comprehensive overview of the student’s current educational performance, in order to measure progress. They drive the goals and objectives, specially designated instruction, related services, supplementary aids and services, and other additional supports needed for the student.

    Each IEP goal also contains a progress monitoring period. At each progress monitoring period, the IEP case manager will review data collected throughout that period to determine if progress is being made. Progress will be recorded on the IEP and the progress report is available to parents/ guardians through the IEP case manager. Annually, at minimum, these progress reports are used to revise or update the student’s IEP.

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