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    Please use this resource to introduce parents and guardians to the Source and Schoology. 

    Source Account Setup
    Source Tour
    Schoology Registration

    Before your event: 

    You will need the following:

    • A computer lab with internet access.
    • Only parents or guardians may setup a Source account.
      • The parent or guardian must be identified as a parent or guardian in PowerSchool Demographics  under Student Contacts
      • The parent or guardian must have a valid email address in PowerSchool Demographics under Student Contacts.
      • The email address on record at the school will be their Source username.
        • Creating a Google Account website is free and has a translation feature for parents or guardians who need to create an email address.
        • Office staff must enter the email address in PowerSchool Demographics under Student Contacts.

    For parents or guardians who wish to use a mobile device to access the Source, they should NOT try to download the PowerSchool APP.  We are not using it as it will not support SPS customizations.  Please direct parents and guardians to access the Source using the link:

    If you are presenting to bilingual families, you may wish to use the Select Language feature found on the top, right of this webpage.

    Parent and guardian resources are found by clicking Student Portal page.

    To set up a Source account:

    1. Please visit and click the Setup button.
    2. Type the email address on record at the school, then click Enter.
    3. Check your email for a message from
      If you don’t receive this email:
      • Check your Spam or Trash folders. 
      • Contact the school(s) to provide your email address.
    4. Open the email and click the link.
    5. Enter your Username (the email address on record at the school)
      and create a Password.
      • Your password must be 5 or more characters long.
      • Please do not use an apostrophe ' in your password. 
    6. Click Enter to begin exploring the Source!

    Source Tour:

    The Source provides access for parents and guardians to their student's attendance, assessment scores, library info, classes, and more. Also, secondary student assignment grades may be found on the Source, but elementary student grades are not on the Source at this time.

    To log onto the Source: 
    1. In your web browser, type    
    2. Enter your Source Username and Password, then click Login.
    3. If you have more than one student, click their name on the upper left to switch students.

    NOTE:  Each student's account may be different due to their grade level, activities and programs.  Listed below are features you may see.

    Cross Enrolled students (students who attend more than one SPS) have a tab on their schedule.  Click the tab to switch schools.
    2 schools

    Elementary Student Example:
    Elementary assignment grades are not displayed on the Source.
    elem overview

    Secondary Student Example:
    secondary overview

    Secondary Grade Details
    Click a grade or [i] to see grade details for secondary students. 
    grade details

    Homepage overview: 

    • Click a student's name under the Source logo at the top to view another student.
    • Click your student's photo for a larger view.
    • Click the teacher's name to send an email.
    • A small icon of two figures represents a co-teacher.  Click the icon to see the co-teacher's name or send an email.
    • SECONDARY student assignment grades are displayed after clicking the overall term grade.  Red in the grade field indicates a failing grade.
    • The [i] indicates no assignment grades have been entered.  Click the [i] to see if assignments have been posted.
    • Click an absence number to view more.  Please visit the SPS attendance site to learn more.
    • ELEMENTARY student assignment grades are not displayed on The Source. Classes shown for students in grades K-5 are not necessarily displayed in period order.  They are a list of subjects the student will be studying throughout the day.
    • If your student has a Program Support Course on their schedule, that is an ungraded placeholder class that provides access to Schoology resources. 

    Left Menu Features:

    • Grades and Attendance:  Overview of your student’s current classes, grades and attendance.  Click a grade or absence to view more.
    • Grade History:  List of final grades for secondary students, not an official transcript. 
    • School Bulletin:  Most schools post bulletins on their school website.
    • School Information:  School address and phone number. 
    • Class Registration:  Students in grades 5-12 may select courses for the upcoming school year at schools using this feature.  Parents and guardians may view choices, but only students are able to select classes.
    • Assessments:  Displays assessment results while attending SPS.
    • Library:  Displays the student’s current library record.
    • School Choice:  Parents and/or guardians will have access to the school choice form in the Source beginning in February through March. Electronic forms will be available on the Admissions webpage for any additional changes to your student’s choice application if needed.
    • Schoology Access Codes:  Schoology Access Codes and instructions are found here.  Click here to learn more about Schoology.
    • Advanced Learning:  Indicates program eligibility and/or final eligibility results from the current testing cycle. Parents/guardians may use this to refer their student for the next Advanced Learning Programs testing cycle.
    • Elementary Progress Reports and Secondary Performance Reports:  Parents and guardians may view their student's progress reports or performance reports by selecting the left menu item and then clicking the PDF link.  The PDF will open based on browser settings.  Elementary Progress Reports and Secondary Performance Reports are not on student Source accounts.
    • Data Verification Form:  Update your information online from the first day of school through the end of September.  Click here to learn more.
    • SchoolPay:  At participating schools, make SPS purchases through SchoolPay.
    • High School and Beyond:  Four-year course plan for grades 8-12 (based on graduation requirements and future goals). Available to students now; coming soon to parents and guardians.
    • 504 Home:  For parents and guardians of students who have a 504 plan.
    • Preferences:  To change your password or Naviance preferences.  Click here to learn more about Naviance.
    • Help: Technical tips, FAQs.

    To View Grades and Attendance for SECONDARY Students: 

    • Grades and Attendance appear on the Source main menu.
    • Exp is the same as period.
    • The icon with two figures means there is a co-teacher.  Click the icon to learn more.
    • To view grade details click the grade.  If there is no grade, click the [i] to see if the teacher has posted assignments or information.
    • A summary of your student’s absences will display in the columns on the right.  Click the number for more information about the absence.

    image of Source grade details

    • If a teacher has used special codes, refer to the legend at the bottom of the screen.

    image of Source codes

    To View Attendance for ELEMENTARY Students: 

    • Click Grades and Attendance from the menu. 
    • A summary of your student’s absences will display below the schedule, you may need to scroll down.  Click the number for more information about the absence.

    image of Source absences elementary
    NOTE:  If you have an elementary student at a K8 school,  elementary absences will appear to be doubled as attendance is entered for both AM and PM. Click on the number of absences to view details.

    To View Assessment Scores:

    If your student successfully completed the MAP, State, End of Course and/or WELPA assessments while attending SPS, you may find their scores on the Source.

    • Click Assessments from the left menu.
    • Using the links or drop-down menu, select the assessment you wish to view.
    • Click Close Window when you are done.

    NOTE: If your student did not take any assessments while attending SPS or did not complete the assessments, there will be no scores. If you have specific questions regarding your student’s assessment scores, please contact their school.
    Example of State Assessment scores:
    Each assessment page will have links families my click to learn more about the selected assessment.
    assessment scores

    To View Library information: 

    • Click Library from the menu to see if your student has checked out books, has overdue books, or has fines and fees. 
    • Click Close Window when you are done.

    Source Technical Tips.

    Schoology Registration:

    Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS).  Teachers may use Schoology to post assignments, messages, events, and calendar items.

    1. Log onto your Source account at
    2. Click the Schoology Access Codes menu item on the left.
      image of Schoology link
    3. Copy and paste or write down your Schoology access code. (If you have more than one student, you will enter the remaining access codes later using the + Add Child feature.)
    4. Click the Sign up for Schoology LMS button.

      Image of the Schoology registration button

    5. Enter the Access Code and click Continue.

      Image of Schoology signup screen

    6. Fill out the form with your name, valid email address, and create a password.  Click Register.  If you only have one student, you have completed your registration!

    To Add More Students to your Schoology Account:

    1. Click the down-facing arrow on the top right and click the + Add Child link.

      Image of Add Child link
    2. Enter the Access Code from the Source and click the
      Use Code
    3. Repeat these steps if you have more children enrolled in SPS. 

    To learn more about Schoology, please visit the Schoology Parent & Guardian Basics page.