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    CTE Career Academies

    A Career Academy is part of a small learning community where students choose to focus on a specific career theme within the context of their education plans.

    The classes are taught by a cohort of teachers who plan curriculum together so that all academy classes are inter-related. 

    Professional partners
    Industry professionals support career connected learning by providing experiences such as job shadows, mentoring students, supporting teachers, sharing expertise in the classroom as guest speakers, provide industry specific field trips, plan career conferences, and  provide summer internships. These partners also raise money for scholarships and often are ongoing supporters of our graduates into college and adulthood. 

    Academic preparation
    Academies provide a relevant educational experience, meeting the Washington State, and Seattle Public Schools academic standards, while preparing the students for their future of college and careers.

    Our academies offer dual credit and cross credit opportunities.

    Read our story about Seattle Public Schools' Career Academies.

    NAF (National Academy Foundation)

    NAF Academies are in 490 schools, 41 states and the District of Columbia plus the US Virgin Islands. The NAF Academies were established in 1982 and have been a part of Seattle Public Schools since 1987.

    Career Academies

    Cleveland High School STEM Career Academies

    Cleveland STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, fields that are the underpinnings of modern life. The STEM Program at Cleveland High School will give students the opportunity for rigorous and advanced study in these subjects. The two academies that students can choose from are:

    • School of Life Sciences
    • Engineering and Design

    Seattle Academies Foundation

    The Mission ~
    The Seattle Academies Foundation ~ Academy of Finance and Academy of Hospitality and Tourism promotes academic excellence and provides real-world experiences in a Finance and Hospitality and Tourism environment and provides personal involvement with local business and industry leaders for qualified high school students.

    The SAF Focus Statement ~
    Our children are worth of our Investment!

    More Information

    Maria Herrera-Lofton
    Academy Coordinator