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    2018 Review of All School Buildings

    On Oct. 30, 2018, the Seattle School Board accepted the latest update to the Facilities Master Plan. As part of the plan, all district properties were reviewed. The information helped determine priorities for the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy, which was approved in February 2019.

    Executive Summary: Facilities Master Plan Update 2018

    Seattle Public Schools serve over 53,000 students in grades PK-12 across the City of Seattle. Students from a wide variety of ethnic groups and neighborhoods attend one of 62 elementary schools, 10 K-8 schools, 12 middle schools, 12 high schools and 8 service school programs. All in all, the District owns 119 sites.

    District enrollment has grown by 8,000 students in the past 10 years and many schools are showing signs of strain in accommodating the increase in student population. To compound the problem, many schools are at the end of their life cycle and showing signs of aging and deterioration. In addition, many schools and sites are small and may not be sized for cost-effective operation. Traditionally, facility planning has emphasized the physical condition of buildings and sites in selecting projects for capital investment. However, with changing curriculum and program changes in student learning as well as the growth in special education population (for both advanced learners and students with disabilities), some schools are not sized appropriately to support all the educational programs being offered. Therefore, starting with the 2012 Facilities Master Plan (FMP), educational adequacy was added into the scoring of projects. This plan is an update to the 2012 FMP and follows the same general philosophy in project selection.

    The purpose for this Facility Master Plan (FMP) is to provide a framework for the BEX V capital levy (BEX V levy) scheduled to be presented to voters February 2019. If passed, the BEX V levy will replace the BEX IV levy collection in 2020. Capital Planning Staff referenced Board Policy 6901 – Capital Levy Planning and the Board’s May 9, 2018, adopted Guiding Principles along with a data-driven approach in the project selection process. The Board emphasized the district’s commitment to success of every student and the desire to close the achievement and opportunity gaps that still exist today within the district. Board Policy 0030 Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity provides the framework for educational equity and this plan strives to include the tools and methodologies available to attain that goal. A FMP Task Force was established to review elements of the district’s draft long range FMP, including enrollment projections, capacity analysis and the proposed project scoring matrix and provide recommendations to the Board in those areas. The FMP Task Force recommendations are included in Addendum 4.

    Download the 2018 Facilities Master Plan Update adobe PDF icon