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    Identifying Students as Potentially Gifted

    Also see: gifted characteristics checklist for students of underrepresented populations.

    Verbal Abilities

    1. Has an expanded vocabulary

    2. Asks unusual questions to find out more information

    3. Expresses ideas well

    4. Elaborates on questions for information

    Learning Characteristics

    5. Exhibits quick mastery of skills

    6. Has long-term recall of information

    7. Has interest in how things work

    8. Has the ability to see relationships and make connections

    9. Is able to retain more information with less repetition

    10. Displays creativeness, originality, putting things and ideas together in novel ways

    11. Has a lot of information about one topic

    12. Has a questioning attitude

    13. Signals perfectionist tendencies

    14. Likes to solve puzzles and trick questions

    15. Has a wide range of interests

    16. Performs well mathematically

    17. Stays with a project until it is completed

    Motivational Characteristics

    18. Sets high standards for self

    19. Is inquisitive

    20. Has a tendency to lose awareness of time/intense concentration

    21. Becomes easily impatient with drill and routine procedures

    22. Is persistent

    23. Has keen powers of observation

    24. Requires little direction

    Social Abilities

    25. Tends to dominate peers or situation

    26. Has unusual, often highly developed sense of humor

    27. Is independent

    28. Often finds and corrects own or other’s mistakes

    29. Is anxious to complete tasks

    30. Is often overly sensitive


    31. Adapts readily to new situations

    32. Is well-liked by classmates and demonstrates leadership

    33. Carries responsibility well

    34. Is self-confident with own age group

    35. Is cooperative with teacher and classmates


    36. Makes up games and activities displaying imagination

    37. Expresses original ideas in other ways

    38. Demonstrates ability to express feelings and emotions

    39. Is articulate in role playing and storytelling

    40. Displays a richness in imagery and informal language

    41. Demonstrates ability in fine or practical arts

    CLED Scales (Culturally, Linguistically, and/or Economically Diverse)

    20 Characteristics of CLED students with references

    Talented and Gifted Learners and Special Populations of Gifted Learners

    Reference: English learner gifted characteristics

    English Learners with Gifted Characteristics:

    • Acquire a second language quickly
    • Show high ability in mathematics first
    • Display mature sense of diverse cultures and languages
    • “Code switch” easily – (Think in both languages)
    • Demonstrate advanced understanding of American expressions such as jokes, humor
    • Translate at an advanced level
    • Navigate appropriate behaviors in both cultures
    • Critical and Creative Thinking Attributes
    • Unusual or Imaginative Thinking Demonstrations
    • Social Awareness and Expertise
    • Language Fluency in Both Languages (Ease of Transition)

    Characteristics of Gifted Learners

    Reference: gifted learner characteristics

    • Culturally and linguistically different gifted students may: Acquire language with ease and rapidity
    • Set high standards for themselves
    • Use creative ability in problem solving
    • Demonstrate strong leadership skills in their own culture
    • Show abilities in fine or practical arts
    • Have a richness in imagination and informal language
    • Easily adapt to new situations
    • Self-direct