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    Week of May 1, 2017
    Posted on 05/01/2017
    School Nurse System: This project is funded through BTA IV with a goal of replacing a homegrown Access application written 20 years ago that lacks the automation and integration capabilities available in a current commercial solution. This homegrown application also requires a dedicated part-time software developer for ongoing support, maintenance, data extracts and ad hoc reporting. This project aligns with the district’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan,

    • Goal 2 and Strategy 3: Integrate and align operational, business, technology and academic systems to support the needs of students, teachers and schools.
    • Goal 3, Strategy 1: Ensure each school’s culture promotes equitable outcomes in student learning through a welcoming, supportive, safe and healthy environment.

    An RFP was posted in March 2017, responses were reviewed, and five solutions were selected to be on the short list for demos. These solutions are currently being scored with a goal of having a finalist announced by the end of the week (5/5/17). The selected FERPA and HPPA compliant solution is scheduled to go live just in time for the coming school year. It will include a portal so that parents and guardians can view and append health information about their children. Nurses are scheduled to be trained on the new software the week of August 18, 2017, just prior to Jumpstart, if all approvals are met on time.

    Cybersecurity and Email Training: The Information Security team has launched a training related to cybersecurity and email safety. The training consists of an introduction, a training and a test. The training will remain accessible through Schoology; Seattle Public Schools learning management system, that is also used for online staff training. All staff are encouraged to participate as the training’s main purpose will be to educate staff about web security and security of email accounts.