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    Appeals to the Transportation Review Board are a process providing parents and/or students with an opportunity to present all concerns regarding a denied request for transportation. Because the granting of transportation rests with several District offices, the process is an opportunity to assure that transportation decisions are made on the basis of all relevant information, and in accordance with applicable District regulations.


    1. Request for an Appeal – The person making an appeal may:

      1. Request a review of the denial of a request for services by the Transportation Review Board by:
        1. Contacting the Office of the Manager of Transportation via email @
        2. Submitting additional information to the Manager of Transportation via email @
      2. Provide a written decision for each appeal.
      3. Send written decision to the:
        1. Person(s) requesting the review.
        2. Transportation office.
    2. The Manager of Transportation will:

      1. Forward all information received regarding the request for a review to the Transportation review Board.
      2. Serve as the chairperson for the Transportation Review Board.
    3. The Transportation Review Board will:

      1. Hold a minimum of one meeting per month to review and formulate responses to transportation appeals.
      2. Consist of representatives from the offices of:
        1. Risk Management
        2. Health Services
        3. Student placement