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    Family Communications

    Seattle Public Schools uses SchoolMessenger to enable families to customize how they receive communications from their school(s) and the district.

    Every family is automatically enrolled to receive all messages from their school(s) and the district. This allows schools and district to use phone calls and email messages for non-emergency related issues in addition to emergency notices.

    Families are able to opt-out of non-emergency calls by updating their account preferences. Important: Families will need to keep at least one number active for emergency announcement phone calls.

    How to Update Communication Preferences with SchoolMessenger

    Note: to manage preferences with the app or website, you need to have an email address on file.

    How to Update Your Phone Number or Email

    Your email shown on the Student Verification Form is used to manage your SchoolMessenger account.

    Please use the Student Verification Form to update or add a phone number and email address. New contact information will be used once staff have entered the information.

    Features of Website or App

    • Manage notifications. For example, you can receive general announcements by email and emergency announcements by phone and email.
    • Review the last 30 days of messages for your student(s).
    • See student(s) connected with your email address.

    Message types include

    • Attendance for secondary students
    • Key dates
    • Transportation
    • Vote reminders
    • Weather notices

    Note: if you have more than one child enrolled but have different emails associated with any of them, you will need to manage more than one account. If you prefer to have all students on one account, you can use the Student Verification Form to make changes to the email accounts associated with your students.

    Information and Getting Started Flyer

    Contact your student’s school with specific questions or you can email