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    Budget Development and Financial Management System
    Posted on 09/12/2017

    In support of the district's strategic goal 2 to improve systems, the Budget Development and Financial Management (BDFM) System project is deep within the design phase which started on July 10, 2017. Since then, we have held multiple, multi-day onsite marathon sessions with business and technical team members from Seattle Public Schools, Questica and LSI (SAP architecture consultants). These sessions unpacked the complexity of developing a position/employee management and control system across current year maintenance, budget year planning, and what the team has come to affectionally call the No Man’s Land (the time between recommended budget and uploading the budget to SAP). There are currently over 200 possible combinations for actions to be taken on a position and/or employee. Many times there are multiple actions taken at once. The team is identifying the “opportunities” and creating process and technical solutions that systematize and automate all of these decision points.


    In addition to position management and control, we are developing creative new features in the budgeting process to drive efficiency across the processes and tools to ultimately make budget entry easier and faster. For example, the budget entry screen will now include the base budget (customization to add to the screen) so that a Central Manager, Principal or Budget Analyst will know real time if the changes being made are valid and are in balance. This alleviates the need for multiple reconciliation points every time a change is made and allows managers and principals to be more self-reliant with intuitive tools.


    Currently we are assessing and assigning deliverables for Phase 1 Central Manager Budgeting into releases with the first release in November.