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    Priority Themes Specific to Parents and Families

    These were the top priority themes for parents and families in no particular order:

    • Racial Equity and Equity: Desire for better communication of how SPS defines equity and a wide range of viewpoints on what to prioritize to support equity.
    • Staffing Stability: Frustration with district enrollment projections and practices that lead to reassignment of teachers/staff after the school year has started.
    • Authentic Community Engagement: Desire to include all community voices in district
    • Cultural Competency and Staff Professional Growth: Consider providing more professional development to support staff in demonstrating greater cultural awareness/sensitivity and more effectively addressing racism.
    • Social-emotional Supports: Desire to increase the number of counselors and supports across the district to better support students’ social-emotional needs.
    • Special Education: Many families experience high variability in the delivery of special education programs and services between schools.
    • Hiring Educators of Color: Hiring teachers of color is important so that children of color are being taught by people who look like them.
    • School Level Accountability to Student Learning: Clear system of teacher and principal accountability that is communicated to the community.
    • Parent/Family Fundraising: School-level PTSA funding is a topic that parent/guardian stakeholders have many strong and varied opinions regarding.
    • Highly Capable Cohort Model: Parents and families have many strong and varied opinions on HCC programming and accelerated learning opportunities in Seattle Public Schools.
    • Strengthen Community Partnerships: Opportunity for SPS to work more closely with CBOs in support of students and families.
    • Dual Language and Heritage Language Access: There is significant appreciation for and belief in the dual language immersion program.
    • Improved Communication: Desire for stronger communication channels between schools and parents with a priority on making it easier to communicate with the district and schools and receive effective translation services (verbal and written) from the district and schools in all languages.
    • Student Safety: Parents/Guardians are concerned about student safety, including preventing bullying at schools and upgrading school facilities so that they are safer.
    • District Operations and Supports: Parents expressed broad frustration with district operations regarding scheduling, transportation, and breakfasts and lunches.
    • Strength-based Supports: Desire for more resources (internal or external) that help identify and grow all students' strengths and talents.
    • Accurate Histories and Ethnic Studies: Curriculum across content areas is too Eurocentric and does not include the views, lived experiences, contributions, and culture of Native Americans and people of color. There is a need for more curricula and support in this area.

    Parent/family responses were also analyzed across race and ethnicity demographics. You may review the additional analysis including sample comments on page 11 of the full report. PDF icon

    Priority Themes Specific to Community Partners and Community

    These were the top priority themes for community partners and members in no particular order:

    • Hire Diverse Staff: Opportunity to strengthen diversity in school administration and teachers; students need to learn from educators that look like them.
    • Equity Training for Staff: Training for all staff in equity and diversity: you can't teach what you don't know.
    • Arts Education Access: Arts education is a vital component to a student’s education.
    • Leverage Community Resources and Partnerships to Increase Equity: Desire for a vision of and pathway for racial equity for all students that leverages resources available through city and community partners.
    • Improve Partnership Systems and Supports: Desire for increased clarity regarding the opportunities for community organizations to more effectively partner with SPS.

    Read the full report. PDF icon

    Summaries of Each Community Listen and Learn Session and Comments

    Comments have been typed as received. Hurtful language, personally identifiable information, and malicious comments about schools or individuals have been redacted.