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    Priority Themes Specific to Staff

    These were the top priority themes for staff in no particular order:

    • More Racial Equity Supports: Initiatives do exist to address racial inequity in SPS, like staff racial equity teams and culturally responsive teaching cohorts, but more is needed.
    • Increased Training Around Race and Equity: Teachers and central office staff in SPS are eager for and open to receiving support, training, and tools regarding issues of race and ethnicity.
    • Increase Staff of Color: Racial inequity in SPS impacts students and staff alike. Staff would like to see more leaders of color across the district.
    • Internal Communication and Collaboration: Central office communication, inter-departmental and to schools, needs to be improved to prevent “silo-ing” of efforts.
    • Improve Central Office Systems: Opportunity to update central office systems and technologies across multiple departments to more effectively, transparently, and equitably support schools.
    • Competitive Compensation: Concern that teacher salaries make it difficult for many to live in the communities in which they teach.
    • Define Racial Equity/Equity: Perception that defining equity and embedding it in action, policy, and practice is necessary to build trust across the district.
    • School Choice Process and Highly Capable Cohort: Opportunity to address inequity in school choice and advanced learning in the district.
    • Accountability to Student Success: Opportunity to present clear, actionable, and measurable goals to inspire and hold teachers, administrators, and central office staff accountable for student success.
    • Focus our Work: Agreement that focusing and prioritizing our work will help ensure student success.
    • Social-Emotional (SEL) Supports: Strong desire from staff to offer more robust social-emotional learning opportunities and supports to students.

    Additional analysis including sample comments on page 21 of the full report. PDF icon

    Summaries of Staff Sessions and Comments