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    Priority Themes Specific to Students

    Many students attended the regional town halls and partner hosted meetings. In addition, students participated at two sessions specifically designed for youth. One was held at Nathan Hale High School and one was held at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center in the Central District.

    These were the top priority themes for students in no particular order:

    • Diversity of Staff: Desire to see an increase in the diversity of teachers and staff in the district.
    • Increase Staffs’ Cultural Awareness and Competencies: Feeling that teachers throughout SPS can be harmful or racist due to lack of awareness of cultural sensitivity and cultural knowledge.
    • Increase Opportunities to Learn about Race, Equity and Accurate Histories: Interest in learning more about the topics of race, ethnicity, nationality, equality, and equity. Specific requests for ethnic studies.

    Additional analysis including sample comments on page 22 of the full report. PDF icon

    Summaries of Each Community Listen and Learn Session and Comments