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    Brittany Williams

    Update: Brittany Williams withdrew from the appointment process on Wednesday, August 7. The information below was presented by the candidate prior to that date.

    Letter of Interest

    A photo of Brittney WilliamsTo the Board of Directors,

    My name is Brittany Williams. I am a mother of a six year-old who attends Kimball Elementary and I am writing to you today to express my deep interest in serving on the Seattle School Board of Directors representing District VII. As an active member in our South Seattle community, our city and state, I am passionate about proper education and emotional development of our youth. I also care deeply about ensuring school employees are treated with respect and paid fairly for the important work they do to educate our children. I will bring to the Board of Directors my unique experience and perspective as mom of a young black boy, as an active member of our South Seattle community, and as a leader in my caregivers union, where we've worked to raise caregivers out of poverty wages.

    I have a track record of working together with people of all backgrounds in a variety of committees, boards and advisory roles to shape policy, generate public engagement and get things done. As a proud Executive Board member of SEIU775, I have participated on bargaining teams to negotiate better contracts for caregivers. As part of the Kimball Design Advisory team, I work with 19 others to oversee the designs for the new Kimball building. I am also on the Orca Lift committee, where we work on making public transportation more affordable for families with low or no incomes. As chair of the AFRAM WA Bylaws Committee, I helped to redevelop the bylaws and bring in a code of ethics.

    If appointed, I will work to ensure school employees are treated with respect and paid fairly for their important work. Standing side by side on the picket lines with our teachers, I learned of their hidden struggles to educate our children and provide for their families. Teachers are buying basic materials out of pocket and are no longer able to afford to live in the communities where they work. This isn't right. Our students deserve an educational team that can thrive and show up.

    As part of the board, I also want to work with you to help improve technology access and educational opportunities at all schools. It is an injustice that at one school the students are provided with up to date software, while at other schools they are forced to use out of date equipment or sometimes go without. We live in a tech savvy city and all of our students, not just some, should be given a fair opportunity to learn. All students should be taught starting in elementary classrooms to use computers. Students should not have to attend schools outside of their district to receive a fighting chance to thrive.

    With your appointment, we will make sure that our future has a fighting chance.

    Thank you for your consideration of my application.
    Brittany Williams

    Resume or Related Experience


    Serve on the Seattle School Board of Directors to ensure all children, no matter where they live, receive a great education and that all school employees are treated with respect and paid fairly for the important work they do to educate our children.


    Licensed caregiver in the state of Washington trained in general care and mental disability care. Collaborative leader — I work with people from all backgrounds


    SEIU775 Executive Board, September 2018 - PRESENT

    Participate in regular board meetings, standing committees and ad hoc committees. Adopt and evaluate an annual budget Provide leadership development for fellow caregivers including public speaking, trainings, and mentorship.

    AFRAM WA, Chair, Bylaws Committee,  Present

    Redeveloped bylaws and brought in a code of ethics

    Kimball Design Advisory team member,  Present

    Work with 19 members to oversee the designs for the new Kimball building.

    Orca Lift Committee Member,  Present

    Work with diverse stakeholders to make public transportation more affordable for families with low or no incomes.

    Home Care Aide, Washington Aging and Disability,  August 2014 - PRESENT

    Implement client's care plan as directed by a supervising nurse. Assist clients with bathing and grooming

    Basic food preparation — From grocery shopping to actually preparing the food, it's important to ensure the senior is displaying proper nutrition.

    Medication reminders — Caregivers must assure that medications are taken at the correct time as directed by the doctor.

    Full Life Care, Seattle, Home care aide, March 2014 - PRESENT

    Light housekeeping — It's important for caregivers to keep a safe and clean environment. Duties related to housekeeping will typically involve making the bed and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen

    Transferring the client — This refers to transferring the client from chairs, from the toilet, from bed, and to and from a vehicle.

    Toileting — It's important to assist with using the toilet to encourage comfort and prevent any infections

    Other employments are as follows:

    Wyndham Timeshares, Seattle, WA
    Cato's Fashion, Little Rock, AR
    Little Rock Central Laundry (for the hospitals), Little Rock, AR
    St. Vincent's Hospital, Little Rock, AR
    Fuller and Sons' Hardware, Little Rock, AR
    Dollar Tree, Little Rock, AR
    Waffle House, Fayettevillie, NC


    Sylvan Hills High School, Sherwood, AR - HSD May 2004
    Little Rock Job Corps, Little Rock, AR - Plumbing certified
    SEIU Benefits and Training Program, Seattle - Home Care Aide certification, October 2014

    Candidate William Questionnaire Responses

    On July 16, candidates were asked to provide responses to five School Board-selected questions and asked to select three questions submitted by community members in a recent survey. Read the submitted questions from the community.


    Board-selected questions and candidate responses:

    1. What is your connection to the Southeast Seattle District VII community, schools, families, and students? How do you foresee growing or expanding on those connections and relationships in your role as a school board director?

    My connections to District IV is as a parent. My son attends Kimball and I have been a volunteer there as a teacher’s aid, library assistant, and working the front desk. I believe the way to expand is to keep a healthy relationship with not just Kimball, but use my learn knowledge to build with the other schools. Remembering one important thing said to me by a vice principal, “don’t become untouchable.”

    2. What is your understanding of the role of school board director? How do you foresee working with your fellow directors, the superintendent, staff, and the public?

    My understanding of the role of school board is to be the voice of the people to the city and state. The board is over the committees that research the issues that plague the schools. The board also appoints the members of these committees. I foresees working with the board and staff as a chance to be in appoint of view from not just a parent, but also a union member and a person who has lived outside of Washington.

    3. How do you think Seattle Public Schools is doing? Do you support the district’s recently adopted strategic plan — why or why not? What does focusing on students that are the furthest from educational justice mean to you? Read the district's strategic plan.

    For a board that is overworked and underpaid, the board has been doing good with the battles that have been chosen. I believe that the schools are at a disjustice by the hands of the city and state. Education should be at the top of the list of departments that are properly funded. I believe that certain communities have been label as trouble areas. After talking with people who are now adults, that went through the Seattle schools. They stated that there were more after school programs that kept students out of trouble. As a mother of black male, I understand the importance of keeping him doing things that challenge him to think and solve problems. It is troubling to see that when the district label who are the most trouble students it is always back males, but the solutions given are never carried out. By partnering up with businesses in the communities we can get the interest of the students and others. Example there are car shops and barber shops near Rainier Beach high. By partnering with them, students can develop a trade and stay out of trouble because they won’t be ideal. We also will be able to combat the issue of businesses closing down, due to lack of workers.

    4. How does racism affect education in Seattle? What are your ideas for implementing School Board Policy No. 0030, Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity? Read Policy 0030.

    To combat racism in our education system is to educate not just students about the truth about the different cultures and also the staff. Our students suffer when the staff has not been properly trained on all the cultures that they will interact with while doing their jobs. It is important that the system as a whole stop assuming the all black and brown students are going to be “troubled students” and treat all students equally. Staff must look beyond the area the school is that they work in, the color of the students skin, the way students communicate and worship.

    5. What do you want to focus on as a school board director and why? How do you foresee doing that work within the constraints of the role (law, existing policy, budget, staff, and public expectations)?

    As a board director I want to focus on the strengthening of the community relationships with the schools. I believe by more transparent with the families and staff, we will increase the student graduation count and decrease the violence and injustice in schools. By building these relationships we can see the needs of each school and find solutions that not only build up the students but also bring in funds and keep jobs in the community.


    Community questions and candidate responses:

    What do you believe is the cause of the opportunity gap and what are the solutions we should be working on to solve it?

    I believe one of the causes of the opportunity gap is that there is not an equal quality of schooling across all of the districts. I believe that the staff are under staffed, unequip, and under funded.

    What is your knowledge of the history of the neighborhoods in our districts? How will you be a learner in better understanding our East African, Black, Asian, and Latinx families in particular? What is your motivation for applying? What was a formative experience in your own early education?

    What I have learned about the seven district is that it was and some parts still are, family based community. It was known for it business that were owned by people of color, Other than the CD, it was a vibrate and beautiful benthic community. It once had a school that catered to the African american students. I understand that due to gentrification, the racially census has changed and a large amount of the families are being displaced. Our schools are under attack of being replaced with charter schools. There are still areas that you can see signs and stores representing the different cultures. I believe that it is very important to interact with the people that live in these areas that will never be able to make a school board meeting due to work. I believe that growing up in Arkansas, I didn’t get the chance to see many different cultures, like is here, but one thing I do know is that you can never stop learning.

    Why do you want to serve on the school board? What is your personal and professional motivation?

    I want to serve as your director because I want to help in stopping the pipelining of our communities’ students to the prison system. I want to help stop the outsourcing of jobs in our communities. I want to stop the way that are future is being developed for only certain jobs. I want to see the next Bill Gates come from our district. Instead of seeing schools like Rainier Beach High just wiped out to make room for charter schools, upgraded and remade. Make it acceptable for a family that lives three blocks from a school to be able to attend that school vs another, due to the way the lines are drawn. I want to make sure that our students are getting a balance and adiuqit meals. Our schools should be properly staff to the point that parents shouldn’t have to give teachers their lunch breaks. My personal motivation is that I don’t want to see our students having to be bused across the city just to go to a school where they can get a proper education. I want to make sure that are prepared to hold the six figure jobs vs the pipeline to prison system.