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    All of the documents required for tracking professional development and for submitting final documentation to Classification and Compensation for payment can be found by opening the hyperlinks within this page.

    The Collective Bargaining Agreement provides a professional development incentive opportunity for Paraprofessionals who choose to participate.

    Professional development training credit will be recorded for attendance and successful completion of requirements for professional development inside and outside the SPS, provided the individual receives prior approval and is primarily a concentrated study session and/or classes for the improvement of skills. If an employee completes sixty-four (64) total hours of professional development during the district calendar year from September 1 to August 31, and the employee gets a satisfactory evaluation, the employee will be recognized with a SPS Paraprofessional Professional Development Certificate for the current year and a bonus of $3 per day/ up to 182 days paid out during the next school year. All documentation must be submitted by September 30 and approved by the supervisor/administrator

    How can Paraprofessionals participate?

    Plan and Organize:

    • Obtain prior approval from your supervisor for all professional development activities.
    • Attend at least 64 hours of professional development opportunities and save certificates of attendance or Inservice Credit Forms or transcripts for each course attended.      
    • Work toward a Satisfactory or above overall evaluation for the current school year (evaluation cycle complete on April 15).



    Once you have collected ALL 64 hours, submit all the required documentation to Classification and Compensation. Since one requirement to earn the Professional Development Training Credit is a Satisfactory or above evaluation, the earliest you may submit your materials to Classification and Compensation is April 16.

    • The Paraprofessional Professional Development Training Credit Submission Form, signed and verified by employee and supervisor PLUS
    • Either a certificate of attendance or Inservice Credit Form or transcript for each class to document all 64 hours.
    • All forms and documentation are due to Classification and Compensation in Human Resources by September 30.  *KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS*

    What can count for professional development? Professional development is activities that are learning-focused as opposed to business or task-related meetings.

    • Classes inside and outside of the district
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Collaborative Work Groups
    • Building-based professional development
    • Departmental-based learning opportunities
    • Online learning
    • and MORE!  When in doubt, check with your supervisor for guidance regarding appropriate professional development activities