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    Student Assignment Lookup

    Students may apply to attend a school other than their attendance area school through School Choice. To view assignment information using the assignment lookup tool, you will need the student's identification number and birth date. You can find your student's ID number by signing in to The Source.

    If you have problems accessing your student's assignment, please contact the admissions team, at 206-252-0760.

    Please note: if you are having trouble viewing the content below, click here to use our Assignment Lookup tool.

    About Assignment

    As a general rule, your student is assigned to the same school for next year as they are attending now. Students who are moving up to middle or high school will be automatically assigned to their neighborhood school. For more information about student assignment, please visit our Student Assignment web page.

    Learn more about School Choice.

    About Waitlists

    Waitlists are formed when there is no space available at a school and grade, in a specific program. The waitlist positions are based on applicable tiebreakers. Adjustments to waitlist rank order may be necessary due to program changes, agent, or system error. Please contact Admissions with inquiries. The District cannot guarantee a choice assignment, that space may become available, or that the waitlist will move. Waitlists for the 2020-21 school year dissolved on August 31, 2020.

    Click here to view the final 2020-21 Waitlist Summary Report.

    Last updated: 09/02/2020