Middle College

Middle College High School

401 NE Northgate Way Ste #202 Seattle, WA 98125
Main Office: 206-252-9900
Grades 9 through 12

Middle College High School Website‚Äč

School Leadership and Board District

Principal: Jennifer Kniseley jlkniseley@seattleschools.org
Executive Director of Schools: West Seattle Region

Bell Times

Starts: 9 a.m. Ends: 2:30 p.m. 

About the School Profile

Seattle Public Schools uses data to inform decision making. Each report provides a snapshot of how well students and schools are performing and help new strategies to be implemented.

School Reports

School Reports show the overall performance of each school with a current snapshot of academic growth, climate, accountability, family and staff engagement.

Select the School Report by Year

School Climate Surveys

School Climate Surveys are used for school-level improvements, climate surveys are given to all staff, students and families each year. The staff and student surveys are given to respective groups in person at schools; the family survey occurs in the spring.

Past School Climate Surveys below

Assessments and Testing

Learn more about the district and state tests students take to measure academic progress. Visit our Assessments and Testing webpage.


  • Continuous School Improvement Plans (CSIP) are action plans that identify the areas a school plans to focus on. The CSIP is an action plan for each school that identifies the areas a school plans to focus on in the current and coming school year, the performance goals they want students to achieve, and how the school plans to collaboratively meet these goals.
  • The plans are updated regularly to reflect the strategies being used at each school. This document also serves as the school-wide improvement plan for our Title I schools. To view other schools, visit our CSIP webpage.
  • Middle College CSIP pdf icon

District Scorecard

  • The annual District Scorecard shows how our students are performing across the district – from test scores to graduation rates. The Scorecard also shows how the district is performing operationally, in areas such as facilities, transportation and family satisfaction. Visit the District Scorecard webpage

School Segmentation Levels

OSPI Washington State Report Card

  • Summary state assessment data is provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction by state, district and school. A search feature filters the data by the year administered, subject(s), grade(s) and type of display. Additionally student demographic and teacher information is available.
  • Visit the OSPI's Washington State School Report Card
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