About the Source

Source Log on Screen:

If you already have a Source account, please log on at: http://ps.seattleschools.org

What is the Source?

The Source provides access for parents and guardians to their student's attendance, assessment scores, library info, classes, and more. Secondary student assignment grades may be found on the Source.  Elementary student grades are not on the Source at this time.

Who can get a Source account?

  • Parents and guardians of students actively enrolled in SPS may register to create an account.
  • Students actively enrolled in SPS will receive an account at school and will log onto the Source with their student account.  If your student did not receive their student account, please have them see their school librarian or teacher.

What do I need to Register (for parents and guardians)?

  • Be the parents or guardian of a student actively enrolled in SPS
  • Valid email address and internet access
  • Each student's 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#
  • Each student's date of birth
  • School each student attends

Where Do I Find my Student's SPS ID#?

Here are suggestions to help locate your student's 7 digit SPS student ID#:

  • Enrollment paperwork
  • Official SPS or school mailing
  • Your student’s ASB card
  • Report card or progress report
  • Contact your student's school

How do I Register?

Please visit our registration page to create your Source account.

Can more than one Parent or Guardian use the same Access ID and Access Password?

Yes. The Access ID and Access Password are linked to the student, so each parent or guardian of that student may use the same Access ID and Access Password to register.

Is a Student Missing from your Account?

To learn how to add students to your Source account, please click here.

Have you forgotten your Source username or password?

Please visit our account recovery page.

Why are dots showing up in the password field of the source log on screen?

The dots are a security feature the vendor has added. Typically, if you get the extra dots and cannot log on it is because you have forgotten your password, have a stored password you have not updated, or someone else used your computer and stored a password. Please try clearing your cache, delete the dots and type in your password. Some browsers seem to keep the dots no matter what.

Need Help?

If after reviewing these resources, you still need assistance, please email sourcesupport@seattleschools.org with the following information:

  • Brief description of the problem
  • Your full name and relationship to the student
  • Each student's full name
  • Each student's 7 digit Seattle Schools student ID#
  • Each student's date of birth
  • Each student's school
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