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    There are many local jobs, internship and volunteer opportunities for teenagers. Several Seattle area high schools also list them on their websites (click on links below). Contact your XIP teacher for more information and for help applying. These jobs and internships are open to all SPS students and teens in King County:

    Hot Jobs 03/30/2020

    Airport Jobs 03/12/2020

    These jobs and internships are open to all SPS students:

    Franklin High School Internships

    Hale High School Internship Opportunities

    Interagency Academy

    Roosevelt High School Internship and Volunteer Opportunities




    Service Learning Opportunities (Unpaid, not for credit)

    SPS Service Learning Form

    Girls Rock Math STEM Intern-Counselor Applications Due 03/20/2020-Unpaid (40+ Service Learning Hours). Girls Rock Math offers leadership programs for high school female-identifying students. High school students spend two weeks as Intern-Counselors working with girls in 1st-6th grades at one of our math camps. See XIP Calendar 03/20/2020 for more info.

    Youth Heritage Project Summer Intern Applications due 04/11/2020-Unpaid (10 Service Learning Hours Available). July 7-10 in Port Townsend, involving maritime history, beach activities, boating and more. See XIP Calendar 04/11/2020 for more info.