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    Job Title Verification SEAOP/Parapro Employees Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Classified Job Titles?

    Each bargaining unit (SAEOP/PARAPRO) has a directory that identifies job groups, job title codes, pay levels and job descriptions. The job groups are identified as:

    • SAEOP - Office/Clerical Secretarial Specialized Support
    • PARAPRO - Program Support Instructional Support

    Classified job titles and the minimum qualifications are used to describe and identify specific jobs within the District and are listed in the SAEOP Job Title Directory and the PARAPRO Job Title Directory.

    Why are Job Titles important?

    Classified employees may be displaced from their building/program based upon their seniority in their current job title.

    Classified employees may be laid off from their current position based upon their seniority in their current job title (district-wide).

    Classified job titles and seniority determine the jobs classified employees may be eligible for in the event they are laid off, displaced or reassigned.

    Displaced employees will move to other approved job titles with the same work year and FTE according to the Classified Three Phase Hiring Process.

    1. Phase I- Site-Based Selection
    2. Phase II-Job Fair and/or assignment

    An employee who is laid off may be recalled to a different position according to other approved job titles

    What is the difference between being displaced and laid off?

    When funding within a specific job title group, i.e. Special Ed Asst, is reduced in a school or department, the least senior employee in the group is identified as displaced.

    After receiving displacement results from the schools and central offices, the Human Resources Dept reviews funding for employees in each job title. If current staff exceeds the available funding, the least senior employee is identified for lay off.

    Is there a likelihood of layoffs again this year?

    Although it is difficult to project the need for layoff at this point, the District projects a significant budget shortfall so it is likely that there will be layoffs.

    What areas might be affected?

    In past years there have been significant layoffs of Instructional Assts, central office clerical staff, and/or positions funded by grants which have expired.

    Are any job titles safe from RIF?

    Job titles where we have the least amount of layoffs are school clerical staff and Special Ed Assts.

    If I am displaced from my current job, but I have the job title of a less senior person working in my building, can I bump that person?

    No, for displacement purposes bumping occurs within the school/department by seniority within your current job title. Other approved job titles will only be considered when you apply or are assigned to another position.