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    Seeking Advanced Learning Task Force Representatives
    Posted on 05/02/2018

    Seattle Public Schools Seeking Representatives for Advanced Learning Task Force

    Help Seattle Public Schools rethink and re-examine our practices to ensure each and every student receives the high-quality instruction necessary to grow and achieve.

    Seattle Public Schools is seeking parents and guardians, students, educators and community members to join staff representatives in the upcoming Advanced Learning Task Force as we review our approach to services and supports for students, current and prospective processes for advanced learning identification, testing, assessment and eligibility in our district. Task force applications must be received by Noon on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

    Beginning June 2018 through June 2019, the task force will review state laws, district policies and commitments, examine research and current best instructional practices for advanced and highly capable learners to make recommendations for necessary steps toward establishing highly effective practices befitting students and their families.

    The task force will carry out four phases of work:

    1. Adopting a Mission and Vision for Advanced Learning in Seattle Schools: The task force will review existing policy and laws and draft a clarifying mission and vision statement to be proposed to the school board.
    2. Defining and/or re-developing Advanced Learning Programs and Highly Capable services: The task force will review high quality research and best practices about specific program elements and student services.
    3. Ensuring Equitable Identification and Access: The task force will review the district’s existing identification, testing, assessment and eligibility procedures, current research, and best practices and outcomes from peer districts.
    4. Districtwide Implementation: Considering the outcomes from Work Areas 1-3, the task force will provide recommendations regarding implementation across the district.

    Read more about the role of the task force and apply online on the Advanced Learning Task Force webpage.