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    Final Report on Community Engagement Complete
    Posted on 01/10/2018

    The district has been working to address high school highly capable (HC) capacity challenges at Garfield, the current designated site for HC students, and honor many families’ requests for increased access to advanced learning opportunities across the district. The goal is to integrate any possible changes to high school HC pathways with implementation of new high school boundaries. Any changes to boundaries and HC pathways would begin in 2019-20.

    An online discussion board through Thought Exchange was sent to families of current 5th-12th graders as well as high school staff to facilitate this conversation from Sept. 26 – Oct. 18, 2017

    The district hosted in-person community meetings to connect with families who need additional language interpretation support at the Chinese Information and Service Center for Chinese language families on Oct. 12, Mercer Middle School for Somali and Vietnamese language families on Oct. 16, and Chief Sealth High School, Spanish language families on Oct. 18.

    Close to 2,000 individuals responded to the online conversation request and or participated in native language community meetings. Nearly 5,000 unique comments were shared and participants responded to others’ thoughts more than 169,000 times.

    The community’s top 20 ideas from each school were analyzed, and an outside evaluator thematically grouped thoughts with an average rating of 4.0 and above.

    View the results from the community engagement Thought Exchange website.