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    HCSAC Listserv
    Posted on 04/26/2018

    The SPS Highly Capable Services Advisory Committee (HCSAC) is a group of volunteer parents and teachers charged to advise the district on behalf of identified Highly Capable Students, as well as serve as a two-way conduit of information between the district and HCS community members. SPS stakeholders are invited to follow the HCSAC's meetings and communication through their listserv and portal. If you would like to join the SPS HCSAC email listserv (and to see previously posted emails as far back as 2008) go to and click the Join Group button - and select to receive all emails (normally no more than a few emails a month). You can use that link for removals too.

    If that link doesn't work for you, you can email the Group's Communications Director at and they will get you set up (or removed if needed) before the next announcement is sent.