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    Supervisor of Highly Capable Services and Advanced Learning Programs
    Posted on 05/22/2019
    Deenie Berry staff photo

    We are pleased to announce that Ms. Claudine ‘Deenie’ Berry has been selected as the new supervisor of Highly Capable Services and Advanced Learning Programs. This position is responsible for oversight of the Advanced Learning Department and the processes and services support provided to students with the potential for and who currently perform above standard in our schools.

    The selection process involved multiple rounds of interviews with a panel comprised of representative parents, community partners, Advanced Learning Task Force members, school leadership, teachers and district office staff and directors across Student Support Services. Candidates were asked to demonstrate situational and organizational leadership abilities, strength in engaging with families and perform a decision-making task using growth and performance data. Ms. Berry consistently received top marks in all rounds of the process. Most impressive was her clear demonstration of the preparedness and mindset necessary to lead future improvements to processes and school services provided by Advanced Learning department. Ms. Berry’s experience, education, and commitment to the tenets of the district’s Strategic Plan as well as her experience working alongside the Advanced Learning Office and Advanced Learning Task Force this past year, were recognized throughout the process, and presented a profile demonstrating a strong fit for leading this work at this time.

    We wish to express our gratitude for years of services to Supervisor Stephen Martin as he retires this June. Under his leadership, groundbreaking work in support of equity was prioritized across the department, unprecedented technology advancements were completed in support of families and trusted relationships with OSPI and within the Seattle community were forged and valued. He has provided guidance and consult for several leaders across multiple departments and is viewed as a trusted and knowledgeable advocate for the needs of students by the larger parent and partner communities. 

    Our work of enhancing and improving processes, communication and services for all students will continue as we look forward to the recommendations of our Advanced Learning Task Force and direction from our superintendent and School Board to navigate and address the challenges ahead. Ms. Berry is ready and excited to lead this work!

    Sincerely, Kari Hanson, Director of Student Support Services Wyeth Jessee, Chief of Student Support Services