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    Naglieri (NNAT) Universal 2nd grade Screening for Advanced Learning
    Posted on 03/04/2020

    Naglieri (NNAT): SPS Continues Universal 2nd grade Screening FAQ

    Seattle Public Schools is evaluating the current window for the Naglieri universal screening for 2nd graders based on the COVID-19-related closure for all schools in our district. Information will be posted to this webpage once dates have been determined. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

    Six years ago the Advanced Learning Department (AL Dept.) began universal screening of 2nd graders in Title I schools; this year screening expands to all second grade students. With this effort Seattle Public Schools is increasing access to Advanced Learning for students furthest from educational justice. The NNAT (a non-verbal assessment) will also provide valuable information for teachers as well as the AL Dept. as we work together to meet the needs of all our students.


    What is the Naglieri Nonverbal Assessment (NNAT), how long is it and what types of questions are there?
    The NNAT is a nonverbal assessment of general ability ideal for diverse student populations. This is a quick 30-minute pencil and paper type assessment, it requires no reading or math but instead focuses on pictures, puzzles, and patterns.

    Why is my student being tested?
    Our goal in universal screening is to increase access for students who are furthest from educational justice. We believe the unique nature of this nonverbal assessment will provide valuable information for teachers and families as well as the Advanced Learning Department as we work together to meet the needs of all of our students.

    What if my student has an IEP or receives accommodations for testing?
    Students with a documented need for testing accommodations will receive them in accordance with their IEP or 504 plan.


    When is the test, and when are the results coming out? 
    Second-grade classrooms will test between March 16-27, 2020.  Scores will be made available to building leaders on June 1st.

    Our timelines are changing as we respond to guidance around school closures. We will give families more information as it becomes available. 

    Will the outcome of this testing impact my student’s current eligibility?
    No.  The outcome of the NNAT will not affect a students’ prior eligibility.

    Will the outcome of this test impact our family’s ability to refer for fall testing later this year?
    No. All K-8th grade students are welcome to refer for fall advanced learning testing.

    What is SPS doing with the results?
    Results will be shared with building leaders in order to inform their 2nd grade teachers’ instructional practice. We will also use the results to identify students who might benefit from advanced learning services; we will invite those families to refer their student for further testing next fall. Any student can be referred for fall testing regardless of the outcome of this test. Lastly, the results provide more information to the district to better serve out student's needs.

    My student is already identified as HC or AL, why are they being tested?
    The NNAT will be given to all our second-grade students regardless of prior eligibility. We are assessing all second graders, including HC and AL students. As stated above, we believe this screener will provide helpful information at both the school and district levels to better meet students' learning needs.

    May my child participate in the screening even if my student is not a current 2nd grader, or not an SPS student?
    No. This initial screening is for current SPS 2nd graders only.

    What if I have further questions?
    Please reach out to us at