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    West Seattle Highly Capable Cohort Pathway
    Posted on 10/26/2016

    West Seattle Highly Capable Cohort Pathway

    The Focus Group is to will include a diverse representation of individuals with direct experience and connection to Advanced Learning programs and gifted education. This will include parents of HC students currently enrolled in West Seattle schools, other community members, school leaders, district representatives, and experts in the field of gifted education. The Focus Group advises and inform the Teaching and Learning Department of its work.

    WSHCC Meeting Documents

    Focus Group meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted), in Madison's library.

    If there is a conflict with the student/teacher breaks that are on the SPS calendar, the group decides whether to reschedule or cancel that month's meeting. If you are planning on attending one of these meetings, the seats closest to the library entrance are available to the public. Upon your arrival, please sign in on the Visitor Sheet.

    While only Focus Group members and invited speakers may participate in agenda item discussions/votes/action items, we do value public input and feedback. If you will be attending and would like to be able to share your thoughts/opinions, please contact Janine Madaffari in the Advanced Learning Office at least two days prior to the meeting ( so that a portion of time in the meeting’s agenda can be reserved for that purpose.