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    DoTS submits Atlas Themed Dessert to Bake Off
    Posted on 03/02/2018
    Atlas Cake

    On Wednesday, February 28th, the JSCEE Climate and Culture Committee held a bake off for the following items: cupcakes, bars, cakes, cookies and loafs. Catherine Warren, Technical Program Manager with the Business Intelligence team decided to infuse some creativity into her dessert, while simultaneously highlighting some of the amazing work being done by her team.

    Catherine entered a cake with the phrase "Atlas Report Center" written on it surrounded by cupcakes spelling out "A World of Data". Atlas is a report center that provides access to standard reports including data from sources such as PowerSchool and The Office of Superintendent Instruction (OSPI). This creative idea may not have won any official awards, however the publicity and positive promotion of the hard work her team does to make data more easily accessible to Leadership and the community at large makes Catherine a winner regardless.

    Check out the District Data Profile made by the team when they weren't baking.