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    Budget Management Project Update
    Posted on 06/13/2018
    In support of Strategic Plan Goal 2 to improve systems, the Budget Management Project is a comprehensive transformation of business processes and technology solutions across multiple departments and disciplines for budgeting, position and staffing control. There are six product workstreams: Prepare Base Budget, Central and School Budget Entry, Position and Staffing Management with Control, Budget Finalization, Integrations, and Reporting. The project is divided into 2 Phases. Phase 1 went live in January 2018 and included the full budgeting of all Central Orgs in the newly implemented Questica budgeting software, consolidating the school budget from School Planning Online Tool (SPOT) to Questica, providing a consolidated budget from Questica for budget recommendation to the Board. In August, the budget will be transferred from Questica to SAP to establish the first position budget. This is the foundation needed to meet the position and staffing control objectives. The SPOT system to perform position changes during the budget cycle has been closed out and is ready for decommission. In parallel to completing phase 1 implementation deliverables and delivering the district budget, phase 2 activities are being performed. Phase 2 will have the entire budget completed in Questica and create a position budget for all schools. In addition, the entire Position Change Request (PCR) process and technology is being redesigned. Complex business requirements are 50% finalized for 10 different scenarios. The developer to assist with the PCR redesign will be onsite on June 11 along with a separate consultant to do the budget revision development work.