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    Transition is the ongoing process that helps your student successfully move from the K–12 school system to adult life.

    As your student gets older and progresses through school, their Individualized Education Program (IEP) is required to focus on preparing them for life after they graduate or “age-out” of the school system.

    Transition services must be provided for eligible students ages 16–21 who receive special education services. It is required by federal law, state law, and school district policy.

    Transition Planning

    Transition planning takes a team. It is an ongoing and step-by-step process that uses information about your student to create goals for life after high school and a path to reach those goals. 

    Seattle Public Schools Programs and Services

    All Seattle Public Schools students have access to programs and services that help prepare them for their transition to adulthood. Students with an IEP and a transition plan have access to additional programs and services.


    WA DSHS Home   (Developmental Disabilities Association Washington State Department of Social and Health Services)

    DVR   ( Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services)

    Opportunities to grow and develop   (
    Information for individuals and families that empowers them to be active participants in planning and building a network of support and opportunities.

    IEP Transition Planning   (
    Preparing for Young Adulthood