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    Preparing for a new school next year?
    Posted on 01/30/2018

    If you expect that your child will be attending a new school in the fall, now is the time to learn about their options. Most students in Seattle Public Schools will attend their neighborhood school (also called a Designated Attendance Area School). Two exceptions that may be relevant to your family are:

    • If your family chooses to use the School Choice process to apply for another school.
    • If your student has a modified assignment. For example, if your student's special education primary service type is not available at their neighborhood school, your student's assignment will be modified and they will attend a school other than their neighborhood school.

    If you think either category may apply to your family, we have new resources available to help you! 

    For students with modified assignments

    About 15% of students receiving special education services will have modified assignments, meaning that they will not attend their neighborhood school. The following resources will help inform you about the process of changing schools for students with modified assignments:

    For families participating in School Choice

    If you would like to apply to one or more specific schools, you will use the Admission Department's School Choice process. For families with students receiving more intense special education services (about 30% of special education students), you will need some information in addition to what the Admissions Department provides to participate effectively. The following resources will provide that additional information:

    More Questions?

    If you have additional questions, please seek assistance from your student's special education teacher and/or submit your questions to Margo Siegenthaler, the Special Education Department's Ombudsperson at or 206-252-0794.