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    IEPs must be reviewed annually at minimum. This is called an Annual IEP Review. The IEP Review must be completed within one calendar year of the previous IEP meeting date. The team will determine how the existing IEP is serving the student and what changes are necessary.

    Additional IEP meetings may be convened when:

    • A student has received a formal assessment
    • An IEP team member, including the parent/guardian, requests a meeting to develop, review, or revise the individualized education program (should be considered when there are concerns that a student is not making progress or has exceeded expectations)
    • When a change of placement is considered or selected by the IEP team
    • There is a change is eligibility category or a change of areas of service, including SDI, Related Services, or Assistive Technology
    • To conduct a manifestation determination on disciplinary issues
    • Following a 3-year or off-schedule reevaluation

    Parents are invited and expected to participate in all of the IEP team meetings, including annual renewals.

    Problem Solving

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