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    A student's assignment is the physical location where they attend school. If a student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), their assignment may be affected. A student's assignment is based on their placement and SPS primary service type. When possible and appropriate, students receiving special education services will be served in their neighborhood school. Some students may have modified assignments due to the complexity of their services.


    Where are services delivered?

    The district determines a student's assignment. Most students receiving special education services (about 70%) are assigned using the standard district process.

    About 25% of students receiving special education services may have a modified assignment because of the complexity of their services. In these cases, closeness to home and the standard district assignment process guide decisions.

    The method of service delivery in Seattle Public Schools is called the Continuum Approach. Every school offers Resource special education services. Many, but not all, schools offer Access, Social/Emotional, Focus, and Distinct SPS primary service types.

    Unique Assignment

    About 5% of students receiving special education services will have such unique assignment needs that closeness to home is no longer the main consideration. Unique assignments are highly individualized and serve a very small cohort of students at a few locations across or outside the district. A few examples may be students who qualify for deaf and hard of hearing services, vision services, or medically fragile services.


    Where will my student go to school?

    The Linked Schools Chart is a guide to the schools and sites where SPS primary service types are currently available. To use the chart:

    1. Click on the Linked Schools chart appropriate for your student's grade level.
    2. Find your student’s designated attendance area school in the left column. You can find your student's attendance area school using the Address Look-up tool.
    3. Locate your student’s SPS primary service type in the headings across the top of the table, under the "Special Education" header. If you do not know your student’s SPS primary service type, ask your student’s current case manager for more information.
    4. Locate the intersection of the attendance area school row and the SPS primary service type column to find the school(s) that could potentially serve your student's needs.


    Requesting a Change in Student Assignment

    Parents/guardians may request a new assignment only to a school that has their student’s SPS primary service type through the district’s School Choice or the assignment appeals process. It is the responsibility of the family, when requesting a new assignment, to identify the student’s current SPS primary service type. The district supports equal access to the School Choice process and option schools, but we cannot accommodate all requests.

    Location of Student Services and Programs

    Linked Schools Chart   (Seattle Public Schools, Enrollment Department)