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    Students may exit special education services in one of the following ways:

    • Through a reevaluation, the student is determined to no longer need special education services.
    • The student meets graduation requirements.
    • The student turns 21. If the student’s 21st birthday is during the school year (after August 31st) they are eligible for services until the end of that school year.
    • The student’s parent/guardian revokes services in writing.

    Every student who exits special education services receives a Summary of Performance (SoP).

    Exiting by Reevaluation

    The purpose of a reevaluation is to determine if the student's service needs have changed since the initial evaluation, or a previous reevaluation. Reevaluations can also be done to determine if a student no longer needs special education services. Learn more about reevaluation.


    Exiting by Graduation

    Seattle Public Schools strives to prepare every student for graduation and beyond, regardless of disability. Students receiving special education services may graduate with a diploma, the same as their general education peers, or have access to multiple pathways to graduation.

    Starting with the Class of 2020, students will be able to access various graduation pathways to meet graduation requirements. In addition, students with IEPs in the Class of 2020 can continue to access the Certificate of Individual Achievement to meet this requirement. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) provides detailed information about the multiple pathways to graduation.

    Exiting by Age

    A student whose 21st birthday falls after August 31 (but before the end of the school year) will still be eligible for services until the end of that school year.

    Transition services are available to eligible students who have not graduated from high school. These services extend instructional opportunities with a focus on employment and life skills. To participate, a student must be between the ages of 18 and 21. Participation ends at the end of the school year during which the student turns 21.

    Seattle Public Schools' BRIDGES program is a transition program designed for young adults with disabilities ages 18–21 who continue to need special education services outside of a 9th–12th grade setting/curriculum in order to meet their own unique post-secondary transition goals.

    Exiting by Parent/Guardian Revocation

    A student’s parent/guardian may revoke a student’s services in writing.



    About the Summary of Performance (SoP)

    Every student who exits special education services is provided with a Summary of Performance (SoP). This is a summary of school achievement and functional performance. It is a tool to support the student’s transition from school to higher education, training, employment, and/or adult services. It includes:

    • Academic achievement for reading, math, and written language
    • Functional performance, such as attention, communication, and social skills
    • Recommendations for further education, employment, and independent living