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    Entering Seattle Public Schools with an IEP

    Students of any age entering the district with an Individual Education Program (IEP) must be enrolled in the district before they can receive services. This includes students with existing IEPs who are transferring into Seattle Public Schools from a different school district, or students transitioning from preschool.

    Enroll your student through the Admissions Department. Be sure to tell Admissions that your student has a pre-existing IEP. If possible, bring a copy of your student’s most recent IEP and evaluation to give to Admissions.

    Out of District Placement Process

    Once a student with a pre-existing IEP has been enrolled, the out of district placement process begins. This process includes:

    • reviewing the student's existing evaluation and IEP
    • forwarding existing materials to the student’s assigned school
    • considering if the student should be reevaluated

    If a reevaluation is recommended, the existing IEP will guide the services provided until a new IEP is in place.


    Private Schools, Homeschools, and Contracted Placement

    Students not attending SPS include homeschooled students, students voluntarily enrolled by their parents in private schools, and students in contracted placements.

    Regardless of their daily school setting, all students designated to receive services must have an IEP or Service Plan that accurately reflects their evaluation and areas of qualification. However, the delivery of services for students not attending SPS may be different.


    Service Delivery for Private School and Homeschool

    Students voluntarily attending approved private schools have two service delivery options: a service plan or part-time enrollment. Service delivery varies depending on the option selected. Students who are homeschooled or attending an unapproved private school may only access services through part-time enrollment.

    Service Plan (SP)

    A service plan is an alternative to an IEP. It is available to select parentally-placed private school students who are:

    • enrolled in approved, non-profit private schools
    • eligible for special education
    • not enrolled in the district for school-based or IEP services

    Part-time Enrollment

    All private school and homeschooled students have the option of enrolling part-time in their resident district to receive special education services through an IEP. If a student attends a school within the Seattle School District but resides out of district, part-time enrollment for special education services is not an option. This was previously called dual enrollment.

    • For more information about service delivery for students not attending Seattle Public Schools, please see
      Beyond the Evaluation pdf icon.


    Contracted Placements

    Contracted Placements are part of Seattle Public Schools’ continuum of alternative placements. In these settings, all services will be provided in accordance with the student's IEP, that institution's policy and practice, and Washington State Law.


    Evaluations and Reevaluations

    The initial referral and evaluation process is the same for students, whether they attend Seattle Public Schools or not. Reevaluations are not automatically conducted if students are not enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. Reevaluations only occur for these students if their parent/guardian requests a reevaluation.

    • Documents

      Documents related to special education for students not attending Seattle Public Schools.

    • Referral Packet  pdf icon
      Private school special education referral packet
    • Beyond the Evaluation  pdf icon
      For parentally-placed private school students: A parent’s guide


    Enroll your student (Seattle Public Schools Admissions Department)

    Approved Private Schools (Washington State Board of Education)