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    Admissions Fair Event Offers Students and Families Options for Schools and Services
    Posted on 01/15/2019

    Admissions Fair Event Offers Students and Families Options for Schools and Services

    On Sat., Jan. 19, 2019, Seattle Public Schools will host the annual Admissions Fair at Mercer International Middle School from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., offering students and families information about option schools, service schools, and student support services (such as Advanced Learning, Special Education, and district communications). Flu shots will be available from district nurses. Respective school staff and district departments will be in attendance to answer questions from families and provide additional information.

    Families who have registered for the 2019-20 school year will have the opportunity to enroll their student in a new school during the annual Open Enrollment period. Open Enrollment is the annual two-week period where students and families can first apply to attend a different school or program for the following academic year. The 2019-20 Open Enrollment period begins February 4, 2019 and ends February 15, 2019. During Open Enrollment, students may apply for another attendance area school, including some K-8 schools, or:

    • Option schools
    • Alternative learning experience (ALE) schools
    • Service Schools
    • Programs such as Montessori, Advanced Learning, and Highly Capable

    The schools that will be in attendance at the 2019 Admissions Fair include:

    Check out what these Seattle Public School students shared about attending option, alternative learning experience, or service schools and why they chose their schools:

    Photo of SavionSavion
    Cedar Park Elementary School
    Class of 2028

    "The teachers and the kids are all nice and kind here at Cedar Park. I'm friends with the preschoolers too, kind of like their big buddy."

    Photo of LuciaLucia
    The Center School
    Class of 2021

    "Center [School] fosters the ability to be engaged and have power in the community even though you may not naturally rise to that. We are not all the same, nor do we have the same interests, but some of our similar interests coexist and that's really impactful. We get to have more interactions with each other, the learning content, and our teachers. I'm really connected to this community, I work hard for it and I put a lot of energy into the community here."

    Photo of JaidaJaida
    Cleveland STEM High School
    Class of 2019


    "I want to be a nurse and I feel like Cleveland was the best move for me to make to prepare me for college and my future. I feel like the teachers and administration really support me."

    Photo of AriAri
    Middle College at Northgate
    Class of 2020

    "The teachers teach us in a different way. It's not only about the grades, but we learn about the community. And the teachers keep it interesting. If you need additional learning supports and even if you don't need it, Middle College is a great place to be."

    Photo of MirabaiMirabai
    NOVA Project (NOVA High School)
    Class of 2020

    "I started off at NOVA my freshman year. My teachers are the kindest, most intelligent adults I've ever met. When I'm having a bad day, my teachers just seem to know. When I came here, almost automatically, I felt like I was smart and what I said mattered."

    Photo of PaytonPayton
    Licton Springs K-8
    Class of 2024

    "I've been going to Licton Springs since I was in kindergarten. I mainly like the teachers and their teaching style. My favorite teacher is my history teacher, because she prepares us for high-school level material in a middle-school class. That's really awesome. I just feel like I'm getting prepared for high school."

    Photo of TatumTatum
    Queen Anne Elementary School
    Class of 2027

    "We're a learning school, and you'll have so much fun. We just finished studying about Native Americans, and that's really important to our world. We also learn about the problems in our world, and how we can fix those problems. Teachers challenge you to become better students.”

    Photo of BrookeBrooke
    Skills Center Participant
    Nathan Hale High School
    Class of 2019

    "I'm joining the Coast Guard this summer because of a class I took through Seattle Skills Center. I received high school credit, made amazing friends, and learned from great teachers. If I knew about this earlier, I would have taken full advantage of the programs available through the Seattle Skills Center."

    Photo of PaolaPaola
    South Lake High School
    Class of 2019

    "I feel like at South Lake the teachers, counselors, the principal (Ms. Brown) - they're all here and are committed to help me become successful. I've also told my little sister to come here, as you can focus better in the learning environment."