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    District Response to Pittsburgh Tragedy
    Posted on 10/28/2018

    Dear families and community:

    Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims, their families, and the entire Jewish community including here in Seattle, following the tragic mass murder and shooting in Pittsburgh. When one of our communities is the target of violence and hate, our grief is shared.

    This weekend's events may be top of mind as students return to school tomorrow. We want to reconfirm our commitment to families and students. The district is steadfast in our mission, priorities, and values. Our commitment to the well-being of each and every student is stronger than ever. We will do whatever it takes to make sure every student thrives and everything within our power to make sure that all of our children are loved, safe, and respected while in our care. Anti-Semitism, religious bigotry, racism, and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

    If students or families ever have concerns, they should be raised with teachers and the school principal. Concerns can also be sent to the Office of Student Civil Rights at

    We know students may want to talk about this weekend’s tragedy, particularly because of the amount of information they have seen in the news and on social media. School staff will be monitoring student reactions and supporting students as needed.

    We also encourage you to have conversations at home. Assure students that staff is doing all we can to make sure their schools are physically and emotionally safe. Let them know it is okay to feel deeply saddened and confused and to ask for help as they process their feelings and try to make sense of this most recent national tragedy and current climate of intolerance. Most of all, please reach out to your school principal and staff if there is anything school staff can do to support you and your student during this time.

    Resources that are helpful in discussing troubling events with children:

    Please take time to reflect on what makes the Seattle community so special – it is our diversity; it is our deep sense of justice; and it is our willingness to act on our values and fight for a better tomorrow for our children and community. Together, we must work against hate and those who seek to divide us.

    Seattle School Board of Directors and Superintendent Denise Juneau