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    BEX V Capital Levy Supports Equitable Access to Technology
    Posted on 01/17/2019
    student wearing headphones and using computer

    BEX V Capital Levy Supports Equitable Access to Technology

    The Feb. 12, 2019 ballot includes the Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy. This levy includes significant funding for technology equipment, staffing, and services.

    We know that access to technology and digital resources can play a pivotal role in enabling students to learn and have skills to be college and career ready. With capital levy funds, all schools will receive updated technology on a consistent schedule, as well as technology services and support. This investment also supports student learning by providing teachers and staff with training and support as well as the necessary classroom technology.

    High-need schools will receive additional technology enhancements and support for teaching and learning (for example, laptops and professional development) and classroom audio/visual systems (for example, display and sound systems). Schools are identified based on both the Weighted Staffing Standards (WSS) model used in the district to equitably fund schools and the status of existing technology equipment. You can see the full list of projects for each school, including technology, on the Projects by School list or by downloading our map of BEX V projects.

    The technology portion of the BEX V Capital Levy also supports improvements to district systems and infrastructure to access the internet and online resources safely and securely. These systems support operations, improve digital parent engagement, and make data more transparent to the community.

    School districts receive very little funding for technology, technology support, and professional development from the state of Washington. Therefore, districts rely on local capital levies to provide the majority of funding for important classroom technology and support for student learning, district technology systems, and technology infrastructure. Seattle Public Schools has included technology in the district’s capital levies since 2002.

    Visit the 2019 Education Levies pages to learn more about the BEX V Capital Levy and the Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy.