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    Capital Levy-Funded School Improvements Completed During Summer Months
    Posted on 10/19/2018
    Installing supports for seimic reinforcment at Leschi Elementary

    Capital Levy-Funded School Improvements Completed During Summer Months

    School construction, modernization and addition projects typically span two or more years, but each capital levy includes school building systems repairs and replacements that take a lot less time. These projects are generally completed during summer months, when school isn’t in session. Summer 2018 was no exception.

    Earthquake safety (seismic) improvements increased safety Leschi Elementary by adding steel stud walls to provide support for unreinforced masonry. Seismic bracing was installed to brace the play court roof.

    At Lowell Elementary, there was seismic reinforcement added to the timber trusses in the attic and masonry veneer ties to support the masonry veneer. All of the school’s exterior doors were also replaced.

    Seismic work was also done at Eckstein Middle School where seismic sheer walls were installed. This is a two-year project, so more work will be done at Eckstein next summer.

    Most seismic work isn’t visible once the projects are complete. These photos show the steel supports being installed Leschi and the reinforcement being installed for the concrete shear wall at Eckstein.

    photo of man installing wall supportsphoto of reinforcing grid for shear wall

    A new roof was installed at Dearborn Park International and included seismic strapping to improve the structural connection between the roof and the building’s walls.

    photo of workers installing new roof at Dearborn Parkphoto of workers installing torchdown roofing at Dearborn Park

    Improvements to athletic fields and tracks at Eckstein Middle School and the Southwest Athletic Complex at Chief Sealth International were completed, and the project has begun at Cleveland High School. The Cleveland project is partially funded by Seattle Parks and Recreation.

    new basketball court at Eckstein aerial photo of new baseball field at Southwest athletic complex

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