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    March 2019: Major Projects Progress
    Posted on 04/24/2019
    Central courtyard under construction at Lincoln High School

    March 2019: Major Projects in Process

    Projects funded by the Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) and the Buildings, Technology, and Academics IV (BTA IV) capital levies continue. The BEX/BTA Oversight Committee receives monthly updates on project progress.

    Currently, construction continues at Lincoln High School, Queen Anne Elementary, Ingraham High School, and Magnolia Elementary. Construction is expected to start within the next few months at Bagley Elementary, Wing Luke Elementary and Webster School.

    Highlights on Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Projects

    Bagley Elementary: Permitting and project bidding continues. The building permit is expected to be received in April.

    Lincoln High School: Progress continues on the modernization and addition to open as a comprehensive high school in fall 2019. Window installation is nearly complete. Drywall installation continues in several areas. Finishes, such as paint, ceiling grid, casework, tile, and flooring, are also in progress.
    photo of a larger room with divided windows and high ceilingphoto of hallway with red walls and school lockers

    Queen Anne Elementary: In the new addition at Queen Anne Elementary, most of the drywall is up with painting and tiling planning underway. Brick masonry work is underway, and window installation has begun. Exterior insulation is being installed.

    photo of brick masonry being installed on exterior of Magnolia Elementary schoolphoto of insulation being installed on exterior of new gym building

    Wing Luke: The contractor has been selected for phase 2. The contract is expected to go to the Seattle School Board on April 17.

    Highlights on Buildings, Technology, and Academics IV (BTA IV) Projects

    Ingraham High School: The exterior sheathing on the new addition at Ingraham High School was completed in March. Exterior brick work is underway. Drywall installation, taping and painting began.

     photo of brick wall being installed at Ingrahamphoto of Ingraham hallway with drywall installed and openings for classroom doors

    Magnolia Elementary: In the new Magnolia Elementary gym addition, acoustic paneling is being installed and the lighting is complete. In the existing building, the historic windows have been restored and are being reinstalled. Painting, visual display boards, and ceiling finishes are nearly complete in the classroom addition, and installation of resilient flooring has begun.

    photo of arched historic windows with dividers being installedphoto of Magnolia library under construction and checkout desk being built

    Webster School: The building permit has been received. The construction team should start moving onto the site on May 1.