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    Recognizing Women Educators in Science at Seattle Public Schools
    Posted on 02/12/2019
    Two students in a science lab class work together

    Recognizing Women Educators in Science at Seattle Public Schools

    Seattle Public Schools takes pride in the educators that devote their time and energy into providing students with a high-quality education. As we celebrated National Women in Science Day on February 11, we wanted to recognize three of many science teachers who have made an impact in their student’s lives by providing them with a high-quality experience in science education.

    Jessica Levine (Eckstein Middle School): Levine spoke at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) luncheon in November 2018. ISB is a Seattle-based nonprofit biomedical research organization focused on making breakthroughs in human health. At the luncheon, she spoke about the passion she has for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and how she transfers this excitement into the classroom. In Levine’s classroom, her students are exposed to engaging lessons, where they are encouraged to question, think outside the box, and apply science-based thinking to real-world situations.

    Dr. AJ Katzaroff (Franklin High School): Katzaroff is deeply committed to her students and instills in them the belief that they are capable and can achieve. Referred to as “Dr. Katz” by her students, she has a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology. Her background as a scientist allows her to understand the importance of a strong foundation in science, and she is dedicated to strengthening students’ critical thinking skills and preparing them for post-high school success. She believes students are natural-born scientists and are curious about the world, and in Dr. Katz’s classroom, all inquisitive minds are welcome.

    Kim Dinh (Chief Sealth High School): Dinh’s devotion for providing her students with a high-quality science education is coupled with her warm and kind personality. Her expectations are high, and she reminds students of their abilities and strengths by building confidence in their learning. Dinh’s students are constantly challenged and encouraged to apply their scientific thinking to phenomenon they see in the real world.

    In addition to Levine, Katzaroff, and Dinh, many more women educators are teaching leading science instruction across the district in our schools. Join us in recognizing them for their hard work, dedication, and commitment in providing all our students with a high-quality learning environment where students’ curiosities and fascinations with their surrounding world are celebrated and encouraged through the lens of science.