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    Sand Point Elementary Wins Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Award
    Posted on 04/23/2019
    Teachers and football player pose with large check during award presentation

    Sand Point Elementary Wins Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Award

    On April 22, Sand Point Elementary School was awarded the 2018 Symetra Heroes in the Classroom “MVP Award.” The $20,000 education grant, provided by Symetra and the Seattle Seahawks will fund “Hear Our Voices,” an innovative student achievement program focused on providing a platform for fourth- and fifth-grade students to share stories by recording and producing oral histories.

    Students will use technology to create a digital library that can be accessed at school and in the community to encourage a better understanding of the diversity in the school’s learning community, students’ connectedness with one another, and relationships between home and school culture.

    “Hear Our Voices” was announced as the grant recipient during an April 19 luncheon reception held in the Coach’s Loft at CenturyLink Field to celebrate the 16 King County teachers recognized as Symetra Heroes in the Classroom during the 2018 NFL season. The program honors K-12 teachers for educational excellence and offers each of the 16 schools with a teacher-Hero the opportunity to submit an MVP Award proposal. Nominated programs are evaluated on a range of criteria, including innovation, feasibility, and demonstrated need.

    Swenson and Mike Flood, vice president of community outreach for the Seahawks, presented the MVP Award to Sand Point Elementary School principal Kristen Roberts and Zoe Manzo, a Sand Point Elementary teacher, 2018 Symetra Heroes in the Classroom honoree, and key contributor to the “Hear Our Voices” proposal.

    About the “Hear Our Voices” Program

    “Hear Our Voices” seeks to integrate social emotional learning (SEL), writing, speaking, listening, and pre-vocational technology skills while simultaneously giving voice to all of Sand Point Elementary School’s students, including historically underrepresented populations. “Hear Our Voices” will support all Sand Point students by creating a common expressive language around personal challenges and life experiences. The program gives each of the diverse voices in the school community a platform to share and learn from one another.

    “Hear Our Voices” will employ a multidisciplinary framework to achieve multiple academic goals. The program harnesses the power of a student’s personal and family narratives to use as the framework for SEL and writing. It also provides students with the pre-vocational technology skills necessary for college and career readiness by teaching them how to use field-recording devices, sound recording, and editing software to capture and edit the stories.

    For more information about the Symetra Heroes in the Classroom program or to nominate a teacher, visit the Symetra Heroes website