Family Engagement Action Teams

Family Engagement Action Teams

Family Engagement Action Teams (FEAT) are implementing the School Family Partnerships plan at 41 schools – designed to boost student achievement through meaningful family engagement. We would like to invite our families at participating FEAT schools to become members of the team.

The model FEATs are tasked with designing and implementing Family Engagement Action Team Plans which are based on the schools' improvement objectives. The 41 participating schools are listed below.

In this photo, Denny Middle School's Family Engagement Action Team is designing their FEAT Plan for the coming year, focusing on their CSIP (Continual School Improvement) goals and using the District's Framework of the Six types of Family Engagement.

Schools participating in the School Family Partnerships model:

(Click on the schools that are highlighted to see their FEAT photos!)

At these 41 schools, the FEATs are composed of families, principals,vice principals, teachers, support staff, and community members. Seattle Public Schools understands that School Family Partnerships are vital for student academic achievement. Developing a successful School Family Partnerships model requires a deep understanding of each school's unique needs, knowledge of national best practices, intentional planning, and a District-wide commitment to change.

Seattle Public Schools takes the following elements into consideration when developing the School Family Partnerships Model:

  • understanding of each site’s family engagement needs, and
  • using a research-based framework for defining specific strategies taken to address these needs.

Planning for successful School Family Partnerships requires selecting programs, activities and strategies that are effective, targeted and appropriate to the school and families.

We would like to thank our friends and colleagues from the Family Support Worker Program. Your collaborative partnership has been important in making the work of the FEATs a success in our schools.

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