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    Partnerships with Seattle’s Affordable Housing Providers

    It takes a community to support student educational success.

    Seattle Public Schools (SPS) believes that strong connections between school, home, and community ultimately improve educational opportunities and success of children. In collaboration with Seattle’s affordable housing providers, we are strengthening relationships with families, creating networks of community supports, and supporting families as they navigate both housing and education resources.

    Our partnership with Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) is an innovative approach aimed at improving educational outcomes for over 5,000 students who attend our schools and live in SHA-subsidized housing. See below for more details on the work we are doing alongside SHA and families.

    If you are an organization that provides affordable housing to Seattle Public School families, please contact Kathlyn Paananen, Housing and Education Manager, to learn more about how you can join this effort.

    How We Support Educational Success through Partnerships

    Family Engagement

    Seattle Public Schools defines family partnerships as effective partnerships between family and schools to support and improve the learning, development, and whole health of students.

    We know the critical role that families play in the lifelong education of our students. By partnering with SHA, we aim to promote effective two-way communication with families, build positive relationships and welcoming environments, and increase opportunities for family leadership. In the 2017-18 school year, SPS and SHA have increased communication to families regarding attendance and kindergarten enrollment, conducted home/family connection visits, and increased opportunities for family decision-making.

    Community Supports

    The district’s partnership with SHA has also helped to connect communities, schools, and youth providers to increase students’ access to resources and activities. Last year, Team Read, brought their successful literacy program to SHA’s NewHolly and High Point communities to expand after-school reading supports and teen employment opportunities to SHA students.

    Systems Alignment

    Partnering with SHA and other housing providers has also helped us to build capacity and coordination aimed at improving school attendance and increasing learning time. Through alignment of our services, strategies, and skills, we can foster caring and nurturing communities that build positive learning environments for children at school and at home.

    In the 2017-18 school year, staff from SHA and community youth-serving organizations participated in a number of district professional development opportunities, including trainings on social emotional learning, race and equity, and trauma-informed practice. As we continue to further align on priorities and programming, we are seeking out additional opportunities to streamline housing authority and district communications to help families navigate both housing and education resources.