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    Summer School Programs for Seattle Public Schools Students 

    Summer 2021 Program Updates

    Weekly update as of 5/5/21

    To date, we will have the following options available:

    • An interactive calendar for K-8 students to work independently on literacy, math, and Social-Emotional Learning activities.
    • A K-8 virtual program that will focus on the goals in our Strategic Plan.
    • K-8 in-person options (depending on COVID guidance in mid/late May).
    • 5th to 6th Grade Bridge Program
    • High School Credit Recovery.
    • Career and Technical Education courses

    The program dates will be July 6 to July 30.

    We are currently working on staffing, curriculum development, and building use.

    Building Leaders are currently referring students for summer programs based on the guidance in Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan.

    We will continue to provide weekly updates every Wednesday from now until the start of summer.