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    Continuous Improvement in Seattle Schools

    A Shared Vision

    The 2019-2024 Strategic Plan: Seattle Excellence communicates Seattle Public Schools' commitment to making sure every student graduates prepared for college, career, and community participation. While great work will continue for all students, Seattle Excellence, makes clear what we will accomplish for students furthest from educational justice. Based in our bold Strategic Plan, our approach to every continuous school improvement plan values leadership, coordinated and collaborative partnership with central office, community and family engagement. These elements provide the balanced approach necessary to address the unique needs of all students as we collectively work to achieve Seattle Excellence. Read more about Seattle Excellence.

    Programs within Schools and Continuous Improvement

    Conflict Resolution Process

    When conflicts, concerns and issues occur, school staff and leadership of Seattle Public Schools will try to identify, investigate and seek resolution and solutions. Read more about the Conflict Resolution Process.


    Commitment to Equity and Justice

    We maintain inclusive leadership and classroom practices at the core, prioritizing progress and outcomes for target groups historically underserved, and developing school wide adult beliefs and practices that demonstrate commitments to all students; most especially our African American males and students of color furthest from educational justice. Genuine improvement begins with demonstrated foundational beliefs and intentional prioritization of practice and planning – through measurable goals, culturally responsive instruction, systems that elevate and prioritize racial equity. And the deepening of individual and collective understanding of the unique needs of all students; most especially our African American learners, expressed and experienced in every classroom is the ultimate result of our commitment.

    A Focused Approach

    "Simplicity, clarity and priority are intimately linked. For an organization to maintain a focus on its highest priorities, it must routinely clarify them so that everyone in the organization knows implicitly what to do" and what to focus upon (Schmoker 2018).

    Seattle Excellence clarifies such priorities and our approach to continuous improvement is intentionally focused into these priorities: 3rd Grade ELA, 7th grade mathematics, and 9th grade learners on track to graduating ready for college, career and life.

    The focused approach contends that applying improvement practices deeply to critical and elemental school and classroom practices, and learning from the practices, schools will be equipped to apply strengthened practices to all areas of school services resulting in sustained improvement system an school-wide.

    Coordinated and Collaborative Central Office Partnership

    Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, central office Learning Support Teams will partner with a designated grouping of schools district wide. Some examples of how Learning Support Teams support CSIP goals for racially equitable student outcomes are through helping teams prioritize and channel resources and actions in support of students of color furthest from educational justice, planning and delivering professional development, acting as liaisons with content area experts, and engaging with PLCs to conduct racial equity analysis and data inquiry.

    Leadership Matters

    In Seattle Public Schools (SPS), we know and recognize the power and difference leaders can make on student achievement all throughout our school system. The comprehensive school improvement plan is a communication and planning tool that allows schools to clearly identify how they will implement strategy and measure goals for specific student populations and aligned to district priorities and commitments.

    Building leaders are central to continuous improvement. As the administrators of the health and welfare of a complex learning community, multi-faceted leadership skills coupled with the ability to leverage leadership structures, collaboration and teamwork, and coordination with central partners, result in a sustainable approach to continuous improvement over time.

    Inclusive and Authentic Engagement

    All families should see themselves in a schools’ approach to improvement. As a prioritized component of continuous improvement, we will proactively and consistently work in partnership with students, families, and communities to identify needs, determine solutions, and support the implementation of the initiatives that will best meet the needs of students of color who are furthest from educational justice.

    We will use culturally responsive ways to engage as we build trusting relationships and empower the voices of those who can help us meet these needs. Authentic engagement with families brings a full circle approach to continuous improvement that most genuinely and responsively meets the unique needs for students in academic and social/emotional learning.

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