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    Tips for 6-12th grade students who ride Metro
    Posted on 04/28/2021

    Tips for 6th - 12th grade students who will ride Metro for in-person learning in school buildings

    King County Metro is excited to be welcoming 6th to 12th grade students back to in-person learning and traveling by transit. So that everyone is ready to roll when in-person classes resume, we're asking students and families who rely on transit to start preparing now.

    Where's my card? Don't wait - please locate your ORCA card before Monday, April 19. If you didn't pick up your card in the fall, and are returning for in-person learning, one will be available at your school site on Monday, April 19 if your parent filled out the District survey and opted you into in-person learning. If your parent did not opt you into in-person learning via the survey, your parent will have to email and request a card. Have questions or need to request a card, you can email You can also buy a ticket through the Metro Transit GO Ticket app or use cash.

    What buses do I ride? Plan your route ahead of time for getting to and from school. With capacity limits in place on buses, it's a good idea to have a backup plan or allow extra travel time in case the trip you want is already full. Many schools are served by multiple bus routes. Use Metro's Puget Sound Trip Planner or contact Metro customer service for help: 206-553-3000 on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., press "1" for interpreter assistance.

    Where's my mask? Masks are required everywhere we go, including while waiting for and riding the bus. If you forget your mask, there are mask dispensers on each bus. We also ask people to avoid eating and drinking while riding the bus.

    How does Metro protect your health on transit? Metro requires — and provides — masks, has passenger limits and physical distancing, disinfects daily, encourages contact-free payment, has upgraded air filters on every bus. Public Health – Seattle & King County and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guide our safety practices to protect our passengers.

    How long will it take to get to and from school? Every student's trip will be different depending on where they are traveling. Some bus routes are in high demand and at times might be too full to allow more riders. Students should allow extra time, if possible, to reach school and be prepared to possibly wait when schools let out in the afternoon. Metro is adding bus service where possible.

    I'm at the stop, where's my bus? Text your stop ID to 62550 to see when the next trips are departing.

    Puget Sound Trip Planner and OneBus Away also are Metro apps that can help students see where the bus is as it travels its route.

    How do I know if I'm eligible to receive an ORCA card? If you would like to have an ORCA card or are unsure if you are eligible, contact

    I lost or never received an ORCA card. How do I get one? Some students picked up their cards at the beginning of the school year. However if you did not receive your card or lost it, please email to request a card.

    Does it cost money to get or use the ORCA card? ORCA fare is always unlimited, there is no need to load money onto a card. It does not cost money to receive your first initial ORCA card, however if you lose, damage or your card is stolen a replacement fee will apply to receive a new card, 1st $5.50, 2nd and all subsequent replacements $25. To learn more about the ORCA card program, please visit ORCA Card Information on the SPS transportation webpage.

    Where can I use my ORCA card? Please visit ORCA Card Information to learn where you can use your card.

    I've never had an ORCA card before. How do I use my card? Learn how to use your ORCA card by visiting How to Pay on Metro's website.